Visit occurs between 1st and 3rd June

NERLEI prepares a visit of French business people to Leiria

NERLEI – Leiria’s Region Entrepreneurial Association is preparing a France Inverted Visit, between 1st and 3rd June, which will bring six French business people to Leiria.

The objective is to promote contact and commercial relationships between French and Portuguese companies, by organising meetings. In order to do this, a committee of French entrepreneurs representative of several trades (furniture, media, civil construction, food industry, among others) will be welcomed at NERLEI’s facilities.

The companies that wish to participate in these bilateral meetings should read the participation conditions and apply.

The Missão Inversa Program also includes a Diálogo para a Internacionalização do Mercado de França (Dialogue on the Internationalization of the French Market), a unique opportunity to listen to several specialists speak on this market’s potential for the companies in Leiria.

This mission is part of the Choose Portugal Project 2014-2015, developed by NERLEI under QREN, meaning the participation will be co-financed by QREN up to 45%.

For more information, please contact Departamento de Apoio à Internacionalização at


Visit occurs from 2nd to 7th June

NERLEI is receiving applications for entrepreneurial mission to Colombia

NERLEI – Leiria’s Region Entrepreneurial Association is receiving applications for the entrepreneurial mission to Colombia, whic is to occur from 2nd to 7th June.

Colombia is considered the third largest economy in South America, thus representing a promising market for national companies due to its political and economic stability, its free trade treaties with European Union and its free circulation of people policy. Nowadays, Colombia’s GDP has sustained growth over 4% along with development policies in several sectors, like construction, infrastructures, metalworking, food industry, automotive, technology, tourism, health, among others.


Applications before March 6th may be eligible for discount, building on this year’s success, NERLEI is already preparing participation in Ambiente 2015

Confirmed, once again, the success of the participation of the 40 companies that were involved in this endeavour, NERLEI – Leiria’s Region Entrepreneurial Association is already preparing the 2015 edition of Ambiente, the world’s biggest fair dedicated to the home sector, held in Frankfurt, Germany, every year.

The companies which apply for the 2015 edition before March 6 may be eligible for a discount granted by an early booking of the space.

Moreover, this initiative is part of the Choose Portugal Project, developed by NERLEI under QREN, meaning that the companies that are involved in this endeavour will be granted an incentive up to 75% of the eligible expenses.

Year after year, this endeavour by NERLEI has been growing in participating companies. In 2014, 40 companies participated, eight of these for the first time.

On the second day of the fair, all Portuguese companies received the visit of the Portuguese ambassador in Germany, Luís de Almeida Sampaio, who was accompanied by Carla Moreira, member of NERLEI’s board.

One of the main features of this fair is still its global reach (high number of exhibitions and international visitors). According to information from Messe Frankfurt, this edition was “the most successful of the last 10 years, with a rise of 3,5% in visitors”. The 2014 edition registered a significant increase in exhibitions (4724, from 89 countries), as well as in visitors (144.000 from 161 countries). It should be noted that the visitors have the profile of qualified buyers and authorised to make decisions, which boosts business achievements during the fair.

More information and application conditions can be obtained with Departamento de Apoio à Internacionalização or at


Fair dedicated to the home sector in Frankfurt, Germany

NERLEI takes 40 companies to Ambiente

NERLEI – Leiria’s Region Entrepreneurial Association organised the joint participation and will accompany a group of 40 companies to Ambiente, in Frankfurt, Germany, between 7th and 11th February.

Year after year, this endeavour by NERLEI has been growing in participating companies. This year, eight companies are participating for the first time.

The 40 companies show their products in 1282 square meters, ranging from decorative utilitarian ceramics, cutlery, metallic basins, glass, lampshades, cork accessories, consumer goods and industrial design.

On a mission of Economic Diplomacy and as show of support to the participating companies, the Portuguese ambassador in Germany, Luís Almeida Sampaio, will be received by NERLEI’s board, who will accompany him in a visit to the participating companies.

This initiative is part of Choose Portugal Project 2014-2015, and is developed by NERLEI under QREN. Thus, the participants will benefit from a grant up to 75% of eligible expenses.

Ambiente Fair is the biggest consumer goods international fair, contemplating an immense variety in goods for kitchen, home, furniture and gifts.